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"Isn't it just that my opponent happened to be slow?".

"No, no. Are you really saying that after seeing everyone's reactions?".

"Leaving jokes aside, ultimately I didn't beat the student council president, did I?".

"Well, there's no helping that. The person running in front of you fell".

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As the two of us closed in on him at an astounding pace, the runner in front of me panicked and fell and ended up blocking my way.

I dodged him but that slight delay proved to be significant and Horikita's older brother ended up overtaking me.

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I don't know what the result would've been without that accident but I don't really care for such things. At the very least, all that's certain is that I've gathered attention from all over the school with this final contest.

A lot of the ones who had finished running looked at me inquisitively.

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"Ayanokouji! Aren't you a fast one! Have you been holding back until now!?".

Sudou, who came running over to me, forcefully slapped me on the back. Since he put all his strength into it, that hurt.

"Running is about my only forte after all. But that was overdoing it. I guess this is what you'd call hysterical strength".

And not just Sudou, but also several students who were surprised by my run came over to me and called out.

"That still doesn't explain it. That speed, I mean. You liar".

Slightly dragging her foot behind her, Horikita came over. She used her hand as though it were a blade and stabbed me in the abdomen.

"You guys, this isn't the sort of treatment you should be giving a soldier who fought his hurts".

Since Horikita came over to me, Karuizawa took her distance from me so as to not be a disturbance.

From afar, Sakura was also looking at me but since there's a crowd around me, she did not approach.