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Now that I’m looking, Mizumi-kun, …Kase-senpai and Oiso-senpai are awaiting us with a smile. Treating an utterly unworthy person like me like this, …how throbbing.

I took a good look at the Game Club.

An ideal space surrounded by my favorite games.

As the cutest girl in the whole school, while being my girlfriend at the same time, Tendou-san.

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The charming smile of Mizumi-kun, who’s so close to me that it’s safe to say that he’s my BFF.

The senpais that care a guy like me, and the two juniors that I didn’t get to meet yet.

Everything from my normie high school life dream is here.

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All of this is at the state where I can grab them once I said yes.

…That’s literally a paradise.

People that understand me, there are fun games around…This is a pure utopia to me, Keita Amano.

That’s why I…

Facing this person in front of me, …the girl that I loved the most, while also being the girlfriend that I admired at the same time.

I smiled sincerely.

I’m filled with determination.