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“Since you’re a former delinquent, what if you went and showed Hōsen what’s what?”

“Stop joking around. I’m one to choose my opponent before I fight with someone, and there’s no way that I’d choose to fight Hōsen.”

Akito raised a white flag before a fight even took place. His words and conduct were such that, rather than admitting his own weakness, he emphasized and acknowledged Hōsen’s strength.

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Ibuki had a good enough sense for combat as well, but she couldn’t do a single thing to stop Hōsen earlier.

The difference in their physiques was overwhelming. Moreover, she had been no match for him in terms of speed either.

(Part 2 End)

After school, I was approached by Horikita, just like yesterday.

As we were about to leave the classroom together, Sudō came along, strong-arming his way into accompanying us. Although Horikita tried to turn him down like she did last time, she was apparently persuaded by his desire to lend a hand until he managed to find a partner. She agreed to it under the condition that it didn’t get in the way of his studies or participation in his club activities, and began to take action from there. For Horikita to be this gentle, or perhaps I should say accepting, certainly felt unexpected.

However, there was probably a perfectly good reason for it.

There were only about ten days left until the special exam. Given the high difficulty of the written tests, it would be ideal for Sudō to secure a time and place where he could focus on his studies, even if only a little. But, if he’s always worried about Horikita’s movements, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate. It was clear that Horikita wanted to find Sudō a partner as soon as possible so he could make the time to focus on studying.

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Though Horikita had a solid understanding of the man named Sudō Ken, there was one crucial aspect she had yet to understand. Namely, Sudō’s feelings for her. She hadn’t realized that there was a reason he always wanted to be by her side.

Of course, there was no way I’d point this out to her. After all, it was one of Sudō’s most important motivators.

Instead of heading toward the first-year classrooms, Horikita led us in the direction of the Keyaki Mall.

Perhaps it was because the first-year students had caused trouble in the second-year area during lunch today.

She was being considerate so as to ensure that a similar development wouldn’t happen again.

Or maybe she had decided against it because of Hōsen, the problem child from Class 1-D?

I’d find out soon enough either way.