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Leaving behind those words, he tried to exit the rooftop.

Neither Ibuki's words nor Ishizaki's words reached that back of his.

"Are you sure? About dropping out of school. I think you'll regret it though".

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I stopped Ryuuen.

"What do you care?".

"If you leave here without even knowing the reason behind your loss, your growth will stop right there and then".

"Are you fine not knowing the reason you lost against me?".

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"...spare me. There's no reason for you to save me in the first place. You stand to gain nothing from sparing me, not after I've learned about you and Karuizawa. There's no telling when I'll spill the beans".

"That's right.....if I have to state a reason then it would be that things will get easier for Class D even without me if you would take out Sakayanagi and Ichinose on my behalf. Besides, if your contract with Katsuragi remains intact, Class A will slowly accumulate damage. And most importantly, if you suddenly drop out, Sakayanagi and Ichinose would end up thinking Ryuuen got beaten by X. It would be troublesome if that were to happen".

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In other words, give-and-take. I added that afterwards.

"Even if word of this unexpectedly spreads, I've sustained no visible injuries, fortunately enough. No matter who looks at it, it would only seem as though you guys had a falling out, no?".

".....then this'd be the scenario. I tried to punish you for not working hard enough but you got fed up and retaliated and as a result, I was overthrown. Let's leave it at that".

That way, it won't inconvenience me any either, is that it?

"You.....are you really fine with that?".

"Everyone here got demolished by Ayanokouji alone. To hell with it all at this point. Besides, me disappearing off on my own minimizes the damage dealt".

"Just let me add this. You're free to drop out on your own and you're free to doubt me too. But I have no intention of telling anyone about what happened here. I also ensured that the former student council president waiting below will keep his silence on the matter. In other words, nothing happened here that would require expulsion. If you still wish to drop out, then I won't stop you......".

"Then don't stop me. I don't trust easily".