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However, even so, I continued as if my experience was just a “dating sim.”

“…In that fan disc, …among the female protagonists that broke up, almost half of them parted ways because they dreamed a different future than the MC. …However, isn’t it unfair for love to get such a low priority?”

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“Well, …I think you’re generalizing it too much. However, it’s like what senpai mentioned. Perhaps in stories like this, most girls prioritize ‘chasing after their dreams’ over love.”

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During this time, Konoha-san put her finger on her chin. Then, as if this aroused her interests as a hentai game lover, she started mumbling while verifying.

“I guess your question is unexpectedly profound, senpai. Even though love was the theme of this genre of entertainment, most concluded by putting relationships aside. This is quite compelling-“

After she said that, Konoha-san looked at me before coming to her realization. She quickly apologized to me.

“I-I’m sorry, I can’t believe I just said that this is compelling…”

“I-It’s okay, don’t mind it. We’re just talking about the game, anyway. …We’ve always been talking about the game…”

…A depressing silence fell onto the two of us. Then, Konoha-san reluctantly smiled and tried to continue the topic.

“B-But, the worst part about <Single Love Octet> is why the other two protagonists decided to break up, right! They said they love other guys…”

“Yes, that’s the problem!”

My emotions are getting high again. This is different than before. Although I did more or less try to calm myself down to avoid causing trouble for Konoha-san, I still expressed my thoughts angrily.

“What even was that! Well, actually, in a sense, I think that described a natural part of love! However, …however, isn’t this too weird! This is supposed for entertainment!”