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Pei Qian fell silent for a while. “It’s still alright, thanks to Boss Li.”

Leisurely? It did seem that way on the surface.

Progress on the haunted house? No good news was the greatest good news.

“Why, Boss Li wants to invest in my haunted house?”

Li Shi laughed a little awkwardly. “Hm… I’ll give it some consideration.”

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That was what he said, but he did not feel that way in his heart.

Li Shi looked at Pei Qian and found his expression as calm as always. Moreover, it wasn’t just calmness. There seemed to be a sense of boredom.

He couldn’t help but lament. Boss Pei was always so collected and unpredictable.

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Li Shi came with an objective today. He originally wanted to be polite, but he decided otherwise after some thought. Boss Pei wasn’t someone who liked that kind of show.

He would go straight to the point if that was the case!

Li Shi pondered for a moment before he said. “Boss Pei, I have a project which I would like to collaborate with you. I wonder if you would be interested.”

Pei Qian gave a polite smile.

A project in which you want to collaborate with me?

The projects that Boss Li liked were definitely not something good!

Boss Li had been in the investment circle for such a long time after all. He might not be able to profit from all, but he had better vision than ordinary investors. The probability of profiteering was pretty high.

Moreover, a fall in the pit, a gain in someone’s wit.

Pei Qian was extremely distrustful of such a cooperation model judging from past collaboration experience.

Pei Qian said with emotion. “Boss Li, I’ll definitely follow your investment when you have a project that would definitely make me lose my investment.”

Li Shi roared with laughter. “Boss Pei can always say such witty jokes with seriousness.”