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Katsuragi replied with a good argument as if admonishing him, but Tokitō didn’t seem to be convinced at all.

“That’s why I told you, Tokitō. Katsuragi-kun is not worth talking to.”

Okabe, who had been quietly watching up to this point, tapped Tokitō on the shoulder and told him there was no point in going any further.

“In the end, you, who had no place in Class A, were happy to be picked up by Ryūen, right? In other words, you're his dog.”

“I don’t think you people are going to understand me if I deny it here.”

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I see, it’s only a rough idea, but I’m starting to see the root of all this trouble.

After being tapped on the shoulder with a fingertip, I pulled my head back and faced Hiyori.

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“It’s not just today that some of my classmates have been complaining.”

“I guess. The resentment they’ve been feeling until now must’ve been building up.”

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Ryūen’s dictatorship obviously generates strong opposition.

They must’ve been forcibly suppressing it until now, but it’s finally started to boil over.

“What about Ryūen? In the past, he would never show mercy in response to rebels.”

“In the past, yes.”

“Is the absence of that ruthlessness the cause of what’s happening here?”

Hiyori gave a small nod.

“Everyone is changing. In the beginning, I didn’t have any strong feelings regarding the class either. I hardly ever asserted my opinion, as long as I could spend the next three years surrounded by books.”

Certainly, if you asked me if Hiyori’s presence was strong from the beginning, I would say no.

In fact, I didn’t even take notice of her existence.

“Tokitō-kun has always hated Ryūen-kun’s way of doing things. No, it’s not just Tokitō-kun. The one nearby, Okabe-san, is another one of them.”