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This was another office building of Shenhua Real Estate. It looked equally dazzling and impressive. It was slightly worse than Shenhua View even though it was almost the same.

Shenhua Real Estate did not have many projects in second-tier cities like Jingzhou, but the quality was not bad.

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Since it was an office building prepared for Lin Wan, all sorts of conditions had to be fulfilled.

Strictly speaking, it was a gaming company jointly funded by Shenhua Corporation and Tengda Corporation even though it was Shenhua’s gaming department. Thus, the name had not been determined yet.

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However, names were minor details. The key was the company’s goal.

What he told Lin Wan was that establishing this company was to train her and improve her ability.

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To Lin Chang, this company could allow Lin Wan to return to inherit the family business as soon as possible. At the same time, it could also be considered as expanding Shenhua Corporation.

Pei Qian hoped to use this opportunity to gradually get rid of Lin Wan and his relationship with Shenhua Corporation so that he could earn less money.

Thus, to Lin Chang and Pei Qian, whether or not they earned money by opening this company was secondary. They could accept it as long as they did not lose too much.

What’s more, even if they lost a lot of money, it would still make sense as long as they earned a good reputation.

Pei Qian was also thinking about this new game.

Lin Chang arrived early downstairs and brought Pei Qian to the office of the new company. However, Pei Qian was stunned when he saw the working environment.

It was almost exactly the same as Tengda Games!

The distance between the desks, the pantry, the layout of the entertainment room, and the various office tables were almost no different from Tengda Games!

Even the computer purchased was on ROF. The logo on it was too familiar.

Pei Qian scanned the office and realized that it was huge. There were at least a hundred work desks, all equipped with ROF computers...