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Then, Pei Qian briefly considered the equipment in the gym.

All fitness equipment must be the most high-end.

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Every piece of aerobic exercise equipmentincluding treadmills, ellipticals, etc.—would be equipped with a small TV in front, so that one could adjust what one wanted to watch.

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Showers, changing rooms, restrooms, etc. would all be made in accordance with the highest specifications. All kinds of high-end shampoos, shower gels, hairdryers, and the like would all be provided. In short, wherever they could spend money on.

Moreover, they had to wear a wristband in the gym and download the exercise data from the wristband when they were done. They would only complete the check-in when the amount of exercise reached the standard.

Pei Qian nodded in satisfaction after everything was finalized. He would strive to make this gym an exclusive gym for Tengda employees, so that no one else would be interested in it!

Double happiness when the gym would lose money daily and make more losses when giving benefits to his employees. He should make fitness plans for all Tengda employees so that they were exhausted from exercise and have no intention of working. Boss Pei would lose money, happily obtaining the best of both worlds!

April 8th, Friday...

Pei Qian followed Assistant Xin into a high-end gym near the office. It was not far away; it was only a five-minute walk from the office. Of course, it was not far from Handong University either.

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The gym occupied a shop space by the road. There was a signboard on the entrance: Bo Sha Gym, Handong University branch. The words looked very artistic, making it look dynamic and modern. Apart from bright and clean full-length windows, there were also dynamic and abstract artworks drawn on either side of the entrance. All the artworks were of people exercising. Some were slam-dunking, some were playing badminton, and some were boxing.

The artworks were separated by lines. Anyone who looked at them would involuntarily think about comics. At the same time, they looked extraordinarily dynamic and youthful.

Pei Qian frowned.

He was quite satisfied with the way the gym had been renovated. After taking over the gym, he would be able to open for business within a short period, without having to waste too much time. However, he was not pleased with the fancy entrance.

It was too eye-catching!

Tengda’s businesses had to be as low-profile as possible.

Still, it was easy to deal with. After taking over the gym, Pei Qian could engage workers to clean the entire entrance and paint a soft color over it instead. Everything would be alright as long as they avoided drawing attention to the gym as much as possible. All of those were small problems.

Upon entering, Assistant Xin briefly introduced the current situation to Boss Pei: “Boss Pei, I’ve sent people to the few gyms in the area. Only three are willing to sell their businesses. This gym is very nicely renovated, and it suits your requirements the best. “Bo Sha Gym is a well-known brand that has chain stores all around the country. It has several branches in Jingzhou as well. It has been expanding very quickly in recent years, but the rapid expansion caused problems for the business.